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365 Scholarship Winners

2020 365 Sports
Scholarship Winners

2020 saw a new record of over 100+ Scholarship Applications submitted. We Thank EVERYONE for your participation in the process and the time invested in this opportunity. The quality of the essays were by far, the Best in the history of our offering these special Scholarships, making the selections so very difficult. The Committee worked throughout the past 2 weeks reviewing each submission, narrowing it down to the top 25, expanding the committee to bring in viewpoints from others outside of the Committee before selecting the Top 11 Finalists. There are 8 Scholarships Awarded and 3 Alternates. Should one of the Winner's for any reason not be able to attend, then an Alternate would be moved up and able to receive the scholarship aid. Please join our staff in Congratulating the 2020 Winners!

Christian Athletes Awards Category
$1,500 Ephesians Award - Winner: Ashleigh Viola

National Awards Category
$1,500 Marriott Ambassador Award - Winner: Emori Jeselskis
$750 Michelle Flanagan Memorial Award - Winner: Chance King
$500 Hal Wertich International Impact Award - Winner: Shane Cleary
$500 Kings Dominion Driven Award - Winner: Crystal Singleton
$300 Bahamas Tourism Award - Winner: Cassidy Garcia
$300 Carowinds Amusement Park Award - Winner: Nathaniel Barrow
$300 Teamwork Award - Winner: Kemit Campbell
Alternate #1 - Jenika Ortiz
Alternate #2 - Todis Lampley IV
Alternate #3 - Jessica Davis