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Who We Are/History


We welcome you to 365 Sports.  We are excited that you have been invited to take a look at an opportunity that may be life changing, as you consider joining one of our international traveling teams.

365 Sports is the recognized leader when it comes to international competition.  For over thirty years we have been providing amazing experiences for dedicated athletes from all over the United States. 

As America's premier Athletic Travel Service, we are committed to providing United States student-athletes with the opportunity to travel and develop their skills through international competitive experiences. We specialize in renowned international sport tournaments that provide the greatest challenge for today's young athletes. 365 Sports offers worldwide Sports Tournament Programs for young athletes age 11-18. Individuals may enroll and be placed on a state or regional traveling group. The program is designed to bring young athletes together, and in a short period of time, form a unified, competitive team for International Tournament action.

365 Sports is directed by former professional and collegiate coaches, and administrators whose experience encompasses the complete athletic experience of today's demanding player. Since 1984, members of our management team and coaching staff have administered international sports programs for tens of thousands of deserving United States student-athletes to over 32 countries. Our staff is comprised of passionate Executives, Coaches and Travel Professionals that have achieved success over the past 30+ years of international travel. Our commitment and dedication are driven by the opportunity we have to interact and impact young people’ lives in an integrity-filled environment where each has the opportunity to see their goals realized.

Each program is designed for High School, Club and Collegiate Athletes and Teams to participate in their own unique experience. Teams and/or individuals may attend scheduled tournaments during specific time periods, or customize their own tour according to their objectives. 365 Sports offers a wide variety of options so your team will have a great competitive and life-changing travel experience.


The history of 365 Sports is an important legacy.  It all started in 1984 when our first High School basketball team traveled to Europe.  A few years later, programs were added to the former Soviet Union, which enabled athletes to observe firsthand the monumental impact this experience had on their lives.  Imagine the thrill of representing your country in the sport you love and sharing the customs and culture of the United States with your peers from an entirely different culture. Friendships are made that last a lifetime.

Today, 365 Sports has evolved substantially.  We have defined our position as an Elite Training and International Showcase Tournament experience for committed athletes.  We have earned that status by delivering a one-of-a-kind, chance-of-a-lifetime immersive summer sports experience filled with the most advanced training techniques, culminating with participation in an International Showcase Tournament. 

A 365 Sports program offers an athlete a comprehensive growth opportunity developing character-building skills that will remain with them for a lifetime. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in their own International Championship while interacting off the “playing field” with athletes from many countries. The 365 Sports Program focuses on five primary development steps:

I.   The Selection Procedure for Admission to Your USA Team

II.  Raising Support and Building Awareness

III. Meeting New Teammates, Coaches & Developing Friendships

IV.  Compete Internationally in your Sport Tournament, Experience Another Culture and Customs

V.  Share your Experience with Others, Gain Exposure and Build Recognition to gain the Opportunity for a College Scholarship.



For students and their parents, it is truly a “once in a lifetime experience.” Although the primary focus of all our international tours is the actual educational experience, every program we administer does place a strong emphasis on providing each participant with a challenge to improve their leadership and athletic skills. With this as the foundation, we feel the future and sanctity of our country lies with the students of today. There is no textbook or class that can teach an understanding between two people of different nations, cultures, languages and customs better than what you will experience firsthand on a 365 Sports International Tour. International athletic competition is the perfect way in which to experience the sharing of knowledge between people of different nationalities. Whether it's Europe, China, Italy, Sweden, Australia, the Bahamas or Hawaii in the United States, your adventure will be exciting and memorable.

Our family of participants was established on personal service. 365 Sports consists of employees, tour guides and regional representatives, all with comprehensive educational, athletic and travel experience. We maintain Headquarters in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina dedicated to ensuring your tour program is exciting, pleasurable and problem-free.

365 Sports maintains active membership and good standing with many National Sport Federations, Service Organizations and Associations and maintains a $1,000,000 Traveler Protection Errors and Omissions insurance policy to further exemplify our commitment to our clients.

We congratulate you for earning this opportunity to join our select team and look forward to assisting you in your efforts to become the best player you can possibly become.  2020 promises to be our most outstanding year yet!  Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!