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365 Sports Golf Tours

With a history dating back to 1984, 365 Sports has become the recognized leader when it comes to international competition.  Through dedicating those 34 years to developing the leaders of tomorrow, 365 Sports has provided thousands of golfers with an amazing life-changing international experience unmatched by any other event.

A 365 Sports golf program offers the player a comprehensive growth opportunity developing character-building skills that will remain with them for a lifetime. Players have the opportunity to test their game on Championship venues in Scotland while interacting off the course with people from other countries.  Although the primary focus of all our international tours is the actual educational experience, every program we administer does place a strong emphasis on providing each participant with a challenge to improve their leadership and athletic skills.  There is no textbook or class that can better teach an understanding between two people of different nations, languages and customs better than what you will experience firsthand on a 365 Sports International Tour.

Each international golf tour includes the opportunity for exposure to incredibly challenging courses and conditions, amazing educational and cultural experiences, and unforgettable relationships developed with not only like-minded and motivated players from across the USA, but with your contemporaries you meet in England and Scotland.

You can proudly wear the USA uniform in Scotland while you match your skills against the toughest courses and improve your chances for a college scholarship.  Whether you are touring the famous Edinburgh Castle, trying to escape a pot bunker at St. Andrews or enjoying the final 2 rounds of the British Open, you will truly enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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365 Sports Golf Tours: What You Need To Know

Over its 34 year history, 365 Sports has achieved the status as the most comprehensive and complete sports organization in the country. By providing unique competitive opportunities around the globe, specialized training in its North Carolina facility, and life-changing educational encounters with other cultures, 365 Sports stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of the industry. Year after year the organization gets better and better, always striving to provide the ultimate experience for motivated and dedicated athletes looking to be the best that they can be.

An Unparalleled Plan for Player Growth & Development

  • 34 Years Experience Providing International Events & Travel
  • Multiple Foreign Tours to Choose From
  • Register as a Team or Individual Athletes may join a Team
  • Travel Events occur in July & August
  • Player/Parent Information Webinars
  • International Contracts/Agreements to attend the Best Events
  • Experienced Tour Guides to Lead Delegation
  • Tremendous NCAA Exposure Program
  • Recruiting Advisor for NCAA Exposure
  • Free Recruiting Data Base Available to College Coaches
  • Structured Fundraising Program to Achieve SUCCESS
  • Qualified Coaches committed to Player Development
  • High quality USA Uniforms
  • Team Building Activities to impact Team Chemistry and Cohesiveness

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